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Feng Shui Wall Decor for Living Room

Feng Shui Wall Decor for Living Room

Confidence – Implementing feng shui techniques into your living room furniture arrangement can help you add focus, energy, and nourishment to your daily life. When we think of feng shui, we immediately think of feng shui bedrooms. However, since the living room is where we gather friends and family, as well as where we choose to spend time resting and relaxing, it is important to create good feng shui in the living room.
Feng Shui works to maximize the flow of chi (chi) considered by some to be the natural and vital energy that provides the primary source of productivity, security, and allows us to focus on achieving our goals. me. Creating a flow of positive energy and being mindful of your living space can have an amazing impact on your mental and physical health. It creates harmony between individuals and their environment.
We have outlined some basic principles of living room feng shui rules and achievable actions, so you can create your own feng shui living room layout. Using the Bagua Map to Give Meaning to Your Living Room To begin, familiarize yourself with the Bagua Map (also known as the Energy Map). The Bagua map is one of the most powerful tools of the living room feng shui rules because it allows you to see a systematic approach to applying the nine energy areas to your home or living room. . The Bagua can be used as a floor plan for your living room. Or it can be used as a floor plan for the whole house, to add different purposes to different rooms.
The nine areas of life on the energy map are Wealth, Fame, Health, Love and Partnerships, Creativity, Useful People, Career, Spiritual Growth, and Travel. Decide which of the nine zones best suits your living room and use it to enhance the quality and purpose of your living room. This can easily be done using colors or objects.Consider the flow of your living room furniture layout To optimize the flow of chi in your living room, it is important to ensure that there is a clear flow of movement around the furniture layout. interior of your living room, without any clogged furniture. This also includes creating space between the furniture and the wall, even if it is only a few centimeters. Making sure furniture doesn’t touch the walls creates an open and free space for feng shui to work in and around your space. Place the Sofa in the Main Position The placement of the feng shui sofa can have a huge impact on the feng shui of your living room. For the bed in bedroom feng shui, it is essential to establish a dominant position for your sofa or other chairs in the living room. Feng shui sofa placement ensures that anyone sitting on the sofa has an unobstructed view and vantage point of whoever is entering the room, at all times. If that’s not possible and you’re considering feng shui for a smaller living room layout, place a mirror where you can see the door. Being able to see the main door into the bedroom will create a feeling of relaxation. The sofa should also be placed near a stable wall to create a sense of security, rather than floating around the room – like the headboard in the bedroom. Although it is close to the wall, there should be a space between the wall and the sofa for good energy circulation. Likewise, make sure your couch is not placed in front of a window so it doesn’t block your view of the outdoors, while still allowing chi to flow actively into the living space. Cleaning the living room, it is easy to accumulate a lot of things in the house, however, clutter does not create good feng shui, in the living room or any other place in the house. Reducing or eliminating clutter in your living room is a necessity to allow chi to circulate. Clutter can also have a negative impact on your physical and mental health, as it often reflects the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Having an organized and well-ventilated space made up of the things you use, need or love most of all is ideal for living room feng shui. With more space for chi to circulate, more space for good health and positive energy to circulate and create an inviting living room for you to enjoy. Decorate with Meaningful Colors Feng Shui uses color to enhance specific aspects of your life. Which color best suits the feng shui of your living room can be determined using the Bagua energy map, as well as the five elements. There is no strict color rule in feng shui, it depends on which area of your life you want to focus on.
While feng shui literally means wind-water, philosophy actually refers to a system of laws that determine the arrangement and orientation of various elements in a building. When it comes to interior design, more emphasis is placed on the use of colors, the advantages of symbols, and furniture placement. If you’re looking for harmony in your home, these feng shui tips will help you embrace the five essential elements – fire, earth, water, wood, and metal that improve living spaces and lives. Feng Shui Wall Decor for Living Room


What’s important to you right now, is it happiness, finding love, attracting wealth, finding peace, decide on what it is you want in your life and find a colour to match that desire.


Lift spirits with yellow, the colour of happiness and warmth.
RISE UP: Add happiness with yellow, yellow and more yellow including this ‘Sunflower Blooms’ print from our Spring collection.


Welcome abundance with gold, a colour that’s associated with money and wealth.
GO PLACES: Live long and prosper with this ‘Golden Dragon’ print, golden ottoman and golden chest.


Invigorate a living space with red, the colour of fire – a symbol of sun and life that will bring joy, excitement and sexual desire. Very hot!
ON FIRE: Transform your living room into something very hot and exciting using this ‘Enterprise In Red’ abstract print.



Blue is calming, healing and relaxing – a perfect colour for the bedroom.
CHILL: Channel relaxing energy with this calming ‘Deep Blue Ocean’ print, ideal for the bedroom.


Feeling fancy, Eggplant will create a sense of mysticism or nobility while purple adds romance.
IMPERIAL: This eggplant ‘Fallen Leaves’ nature photography print combined with an eggplant wall will add mysticism. Feng Shui Wall Decor for Living Room


While the key here is making sure the symbols hold resonance to you, you also have to actually fall in love with the images. So, if you desire prosperity, but aren’t a fan of fish it’s just not going to work.
Find a subject that you, as an individual, truly appreciate – that holds profound meaning and visual appeal.

Koi fish

Koi has a powerful and energetic life force. Swim against the current like Koi to achieve good fortune, success and prosperity.
HIGH ENERGY: Swim with the fishes everyday with this ‘Koi Fish In Pond’ print.


If you’re single, butterflies (symbolising freedom) will bring a number of suitors to your door giving you the freedom to choose the one for you. If you already have a partner, the butterfly ‘love cure’ will invite commitment and devotion.
FREEDOM: This ‘Butterfly Flowers’ print will help invite love into your life.


An ancient symbol of abundance, water will attract bounty your way. The refreshing blue colour will provide a deeper connection to life’s mysteries.
REFRESH: Add this stunning ‘Crystal Clear’ wall art print to a living space and watch as abundance comes your way.



With 24 seasons in the Chinese agricultural year, nature is an extremely important part of the culture. Using nature in a home helps us live in harmony with our environment.
HARMONIOUS: Create unity with this gorgeous ‘Tropical Waterfall’ landscape photo print combined with lush plants.

Invite love

This is more about removing than adding. Remove everything in a room that’s going to distract you from love: dirty undies, an old basketball, a cat’s litter tray – you get the drift. Add a symbol of romance and you’re ready to attract love.
ROMANCE: This ‘Meadow with The Love Heart Tree’ surrealism print will add the zeal needed to attract love.

Interior Design

It’s all about spatial relations. The arrangement of seating is actually quite logical. For example, placing a sofa against a wall and positioning furniture where no-one’s going to bump into it.
Using shapes and images of nature will help actualise the inclusion of the five elements.

Sofa against a solid wall

A sofa should not sit in the middle of a room, but against a wall – as far as possible from the entry and preferably with a clear view of the door.
SETTLE DOWN: Think grand with this ‘Golden Kaleidoscope’ print, but be wise when positioning a sofa. Feng Shui Wall Decor for Living Room

Mix of shapes

Using a mix of shapes will help cover the obligatory five elements. Circles = metal. Triangles = fire. Squares = earth. Rectangles = wood. Too easy really!
FUSION: Use this ‘Zen Circle On White’ print as your metal element feng shui cure.

Meaningful travel

For stronger spiritual connection, it’s important to surround yourself with items of meaning. Perhaps a beautiful travel print will fit the bill.
MEANINGFUL: Choose a travel print like this ‘Daigoji Temple In Autumn, Kyoto’ to enhance a sense of spiritual connection.


Lucky bamboo

A popular feng shui cure, lucky bamboo brings a peaceful and wise energy into your home. If you’re not great at keeping plants alive, a wall print may be a better cure.
PEACE: This ‘Bamboo Jungle’ print does not require watering which makes it very lucky indeed.

Gender balance

If yin is the feminine and yang is the masculine, yin/yang is about combining the two to achieve a balance of energies. The way you achieve this in your own home is completely up to you.
BALANCE: This ‘Vintage Monarch Butterfly’ print provides the perfect, charming combination of masculine and feminine. Feng Shui Wall Decor for Living Room

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