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Inspiring Living Room Wall Decoration Ideas You Can Try

Inspiring Living Room Wall Decoration Ideas You Can Try

Confidence – Tired of boring living room and bland walls? Then it’s time to spruce up your home with a stylish wall decor for your living room. The living room reveals your personality. It’s almost like your signature is left on your walls. So, whether you’re a travel enthusiast, a fashionista, an art enthusiast or a true lover of blue, the walls of your living room are the same as the picture. your canvas. If turning your ordinary living room walls into unforgettable masterpieces sounds like something you want to do, check out these amazing modern wall decor ideas. You will soon be living in a stylish home that will grow with your guests
There’s something about having an empty wall in your large room that will make you feel great. Blank walls give a sense of authority and seem to put everything into perspective. The only problem is that they are very difficult to decorate. As you begin decorating your new home, you’ll probably take care of the other areas first and leave that canvas open as the final step. With a little planning, this can become your favorite part of the house. It can serve multiple purposes, showcasing your favorite artwork and giving you a chance to be creative. Restore those dull walls with these inspiring living room wall decoration ideas.

Large Artwork for Modern Wall Decor

Art undoubtedly attracts attention. Let a large painting be the centerpiece of one of your living room walls and watch its charm unfold. You can choose an abstract painting or also go for a minimalistic black and white photograph – absolutely up to you. But, bet on art for sure for small living room wall decor. Choose a large photograph or a painting to tastefully attract attention to the walls of your living room

Use Shelves for Nice Wall Decor

Running out of floor space for your books? It makes perfect sense to show them off on a floating shelf. Along with that vanity, floating bookshelves also lend an interesting character to otherwise blank walls. Not to mention, it makes your home look cultured and tasteful to a stranger.
Tips: Stack up books on your living room shelves walls to tastefully transform them.

Best Wall Decor for Living Room: Create A Splendid Gallery

Want to give your living room walls a quirky personality, Revamp it as an art space then. Display those framed posters, paintings, photographs, wall-hangings and give it new life. To make it look all the more expansive, you can also cover an entire wall. This gives splendid continuity to your wall from the floor to ceiling. Inspiring Living Room Wall Decoration Ideas You Can Try.
Tips: Feature a collection of artworks on your living room walls for an eclectic look.

Creative Living Room Wall Decor: Grant an Accent To Walls

Instead of thinking too much about extra decor you can add to your wall, choose soothing wallpaper. By doing so, you will create an artistic corner but that particular wall of your living room will amp up in no time. This decor idea works fantastically for small rooms.
Tips: Decorate the wall of your small living rooms with wallpaper instead of extra decor knick-knacks.

Maps Can Be Beautiful Wall Decor Too

Add a textured map of the world or your favorite countries on those living room walls. It showcases your wanderlust and gives those plain surfaces a beautiful texture. Paint a map in black or any other dark shade. This will bring freshness to small or medium rooms.
Tips: A map of the world on your living room wall showcases the wanderer in you.

Wall Decor for A Bachelor’s Living Room: Show Off Your Bikes

One of the most funky and functional decor ideas is to mount your bikes on your living room walls. This provides a great centerpiece to your wall and attracts everyone’s attention. Also this frees up floor space and simultaneously changes the blank walls of your living room.
Tips: Do up your living room wall with bicycle art for a quintessential bachelor pad look.

Brass As Wall Decor for Living Room

Sculpture and brass are the two most understated decor materials that can quickly turn a boring living room wall into a masterpiece. Choose a soothing colour palette for the same according to the colour scheme of your living room and see how it refreshes the vibe. Inspiring Living Room Wall Decoration Ideas You Can Try.
Tips: A brass artifact or sculpture can easily rejuvenate a dull living room wall.

Mount That Television

Want to give your living room a modern edge? Start by mounting your television on one wall. By doing so, you will not only free up space but your wall will also look streamlined and clutter-free. Go with this idea for a cozy living room with a contemporary touch.
Tips: Mount your television on your living room wall for a modern look and feel.

Hang A Mirror In Your Family Living Room Wall Decor

The best thing about mirrors is that they look beautiful. Moreover, they reflect light so well that your living room starts looking more spacious than it actually is! You may choose a large mirror or medium to small one to make your home salon-ish. Fun isn’t it.
Tips: Hang mirrors to amp up the space and aesthetics of your living room.

Paint A Mural For A Cute Living Room

Art transports people to a different world altogether. Paint your wall with an eclectic quote or a scene from your favorite film. Else you can simply use a wall covering. Either of these ideas is great to infuse freshness in your living room.
Tips: Paint refreshing murals on walls to create an outstanding living room.

Those are Inspiring Living Room Wall Decoration Ideas You Can Try. Hopefully, they can inspire you.

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