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Quick Easy Bathroom Decor Inspirations

Quick Easy Bathroom Decor Inspirations

Confidence – The bathroom is probably the only place in the house that you have to yourself, and for many people, it’s a small getaway to enjoy a relaxing bath or to go about your nightly routine. So your bathroom design should reflect your personal aesthetic so that you can truly enjoy the space.

When it comes to your bathroom remodel, you might think you need a total upgrade. But you can give your bathroom a whole new look with simple, budget-friendly upgrades. From simple paint color updates to items you can add from your home, we share our favorite simple bathroom decorating ideas that will instantly improve room design. your bath.


Simple Accent Wall

You don’t need a lot of design elements and color to create a room that’s high in style. This bathroom features pops of color through the wallpaper accent wall. The green vase brings out the color of the accent wall even more and ties the whole space together.

Curated Finds

Instead of buying a matching bathroom set from a store, Tracey added curated items over time to create the perfect bathroom design. She painted her vanity a beautiful earthy green color and added yellow accessories, a colorful rug, and a woven wall hanging.

An Armoire for Extra Storage

If your bathroom doesn’t include a linen closet, an armoire is a great way to add that extra needed storage space if you have the space in your bathroom. This glass-front armoire keeps everything you need at hand, from toiletries to linens.

Beautiful Bathtub Artwork

Artwork isn’t just for the living room or bedroom. This serene beach print adds a relaxing, calming feel to the bathtub area of this bathroom, while also tying in all the colors of the bathroom together.

Spa-Like Makeover

You can bring the spa experience to your home with simple glam touches. This freestanding bathtub area is instantly upgraded with a beautiful brass starburst chandelier and floor-to-ceiling drapes.

A Touch of Black

A splash of black is exactly what this all-white marble bathroom needed. Kimberly added a tall black planter to her bathroom to ground the space and provide a place for the eye to land. Not to mention, the houseplant brings warmth to the all-white bathroom.


Black and White Gallery Wall

A gallery wall isn’t just for a staircase or living room. This nature-inspired bathroom features earthy tones and natural materials, but the standout feature is a black and white gallery wall of nature prints that reflect the rest of the home’s nature-inspired design.

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